GEM safety warning for all road users: Storm Ewan has a wintry sting in its tail

Posted on February 27th, 2017 by GEM Motoring Assist

15369096 - dangerous driving conditions after snowfall in pinner, uk

Road safety and breakdown recovery organisation GEM Motoring Assist is advising all road users to take extra care, as snow and hail are predicted for some parts of the country. The conditions follow in the wake of Storm Ewan’s progress across the Irish Sea towards Scotland.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth said: “It looks as though winter conditions will be presenting additional hazards for drivers, especially those in northern England and Scotland. Bear in mind that staying safe when it’s wet, icy or snowy can be a tricky business, especially for young drivers and those with little or no experience of these conditions.

“We want all road users to be aware of how risk increases when weather conditions become more challenging. So, if your journey is not necessary, then consider delaying it, or using public transport if available.

“If you do need to drive, then plan ahead. Stay tuned to weather forecasts before you go, and allow extra time for journeys where weather conditions are likely to prove difficult.

“When you’re on a journey, remember that a snowy road has 50 per cent less grip than a dry road. On an icy road, you’ll only have around a quarter of the grip available on a dry road. So slow down, don’t make sudden changes in speed or direction, and be patient.

“Finally, some simple driver comfort tips to help with safety in difficult conditions. Remember that driving is an active – rather than a passive – exercise. So be sure your driving position reflects this: hands at ten-to-two on the wheel, slight bend in the arms, seat set so that you can still bend your knees slightly, even with full pedal compression.

“And just in case you’re assuming that we can say goodbye to winter after this predicted cold snap, bear in mind that the Met Office’s UK average is for 2.3 days of snow in April… more than the 1.7 average for November!”

GEM’s ebook on road safety in winter is available for free download.

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