GEM: Show Me the Way to Glow Home!

Posted on November 4th, 2013 by GEM Motoring Assist

  • Monday sees the first week of after school darkness since clocks went back
  • GEM urges parents and kids to GLOW home safely with the use of fluorescent clothing and accessories
  • Glow Home Safely kits up for grabs

Kids love all things ‘Glow in the Dark’, so it shouldn’t be a problem convincing them to adopt fluorescent reflective clothing and accessories this winter.

And parents should not let the kids simply ‘Glow it Alone’ but wear a fluorescent reflective safety jacket for the winter ‘school walk’ themselves.

Taking these steps will considerably improve the wearers’ safety and ensure they are seen more clearly as motorists and other road users adapt to the lack of daylight and hazardous winter weather conditions.

The advice comes from road safety charity and breakdown organization GEM Motoring Assist who, as avid supporters of the Lighter Later Campaign, says there is strong evidence to suggest more lives are at risk on the road in the weeks following the clocks going back.

“The Department of Transport has research which shows around 80 deaths and 200 serious injuries would be prevented on our roads each year if the UK switched to GMT+ 1 in winter and GMT+ 2 in summer.

“Until these changes are made, pedestrians should be especially careful when walking in the dark.   Fluorescent reflective yellow jackets are fairly cheap and easy to buy and parents and kids will be much more visible in motorist’s headlamps.  It could literally be a life saver,” said David Williams, MBE and CEO of GEM.

“A past poll carried out by GEM found that a staggering 86% of drivers worried about being able to see child pedestrians in the dark winter months.  Drivers of course need to play their part and be extra vigilant when driving in and around built-up areas and known school run routes – especially around school closing times and in these early weeks of adjustment to the change of clocks.”   David Williams concluded.

GEM has put together some parent and kids ‘Glow Home Safely’ kits to win during the week of 4th – 8th of November.  Kits include florescent reflective jackets for adults and kid’s, Glow in the Dark Slap Bands and stickers.

To have a chance of winning, you will need to visit our Facebook page any day between 4th November and 8th November.  Go to the GEM Motoring Assist Facebook page

Follow the entry instructions and we shall draw five winners at random – one from each days entry. You have until 10pm each day the competition runs to send your entry.  There is a new question each day and you may enter once per day. Terms & Conditions Apply. Winners will be announced before the end of week commencing 11th November 2013.