GEM supports International Day of Older Persons with new senior driver’s safety website

Posted on September 27th, 2013 by GEM Motoring Assist

Tuesday [1st October] marks this year’s International Day of Older Persons, and GEM Motoring Assist is showing its support via a new road safety microsite, aimed at helping to keep senior drivers as safe as possible, for as long as possible. is GEM’s brand new online resource, featuring a suite of videos that covers the process of ageing, the risks that it can bring to driving, and the best ways of staying safe on the road.

The breakdown provider teamed up with well-known TV presenter Valerie Singleton, who presents the three main videos for the Still Safe to Drive resource. Now, to coincide with the global awareness day, GEM is advising senior motorists to reflect on their ability, skill and attitude, and to consider getting their driving checked out in the same way they get their car serviced regularly.

GEM’s chief executive, David Williams MBE comments: “Even without a recognised international day, it is helpful for us all to reflect on our own driving capabilities. You may be unsure about how the signs of ageing may affect your driving, or you may be concerned about an elderly member of the family getting behind the wheel. Whatever your situation, you will find all the information that you may need on the microsite, presented in a sensitive and friendly way.”

The Still Safe to Drive video library documents specific discussions with experts in healthcare and motoring, including on the following topics:

  • Making sure the car you drive is right for you, with motoring journalist David Motton
  • Tips for a successful conversation on safety and ‘giving up’ driving, with psychologist Professor Andrew Parkes
  • Maintaining physical fitness, with specialist geriatric registrar Dr Amanda Kilsby
  • The importance of looking after your eyes, with optometrist Professor Steve Taylor
  • Why crash risk increases in drivers aged 75 and above, with Sgt Rob Heard of Hampshire Police

David Williams concludes: “Most of us try to avoid talk of getting old, but ageing is a natural process, and one that we all need to deal with. We want to make sure that older drivers – and their family members – have access to high quality, relevant information that may well serve to keep them safer for longer.”