GEM Warns Drivers Not To Cut Corners With Their Cars As Poll Reveals Motorists Driving Without Insurance

Posted on August 17th, 2011 by GEM Motoring Assist

A poll carried out by breakdown and road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist today revealed that a shocking one in three UK drivers knows someone who has either driven, is driving or has considered driving without motor insurance. Whilst the nation has been trying to save money during the recession, it is becoming more apparent that drivers are cutting corners when it comes to their vehicles. The alarming results expose a huge proportion of drivers who are at risk to a number of serious consequences.

David Williams, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist comments, “It is imperative that drivers understand the importance of always having motor insurance and always at the correct level. The truth is that if you find yourself in an accident without insurance you will end up forking out a whole lot more money, not forgetting the penalties if you are caught driving your vehicle without insurance”.

The severe punishment drivers can face if caught, includes a fine of up to £5,000, six to eight points on their driving licence, having their licence revoked or even having the police confiscate and dispose of their vehicle. Furthermore, with the new motor insurance law which came into force earlier this year, it is now possible for the DVLA to compare its database with the motor insurance database to find out if vehicles are insured. The DVLA can then inform uninsured drivers and should they subsequently not renew their insurance their car can be confiscated.

David continues, “Despite many motorists being aware of these consequences, it is shocking that so many drivers know friends or family who have driven without insurance, are driving or have considered it. Plus, if a person is driving without insurance they probably aren’t taxed either and may not even have a valid driving licence”.

However, car insurance can be confusing and not all uninsured motorists are intentionally breaking the law as some drivers unknowingly take out the wrong level of insurance cover. To help alleviate these problems GEM has looked at some of the myths and facts when it comes to insurance.

Top Insurance Misconceptions:

You’re automatically insured to drive other cars if you have a comprehensive policy.
Truth: This is not always the case, as it can depend on your age or occupation. It is always best to check your policy beforehand.

Myth: You’re fully covered with a comprehensive policy if you have an accident whilst driving another person’s car.
Truth: A comprehensive policy will often only cover the damage to the car or object you hit, not the damage to the car you are driving. Always check the level of insurance your policy provides.

Myth: Third-party cover is cheaper than comprehensive.
Truth: Not true. Some insurers have raised rates for third-party because of the number of high-risk drivers who apply.

Myth: Non-fault claims won’t affect your insurance premium.
Truth: Even if you didn’t cause the accident, your premium can still rise.

Myth: You don’t need to inform your insurance company if you have less than six points on your licence.
Truth: All points have to be declared, even for previous offences, regardless of how long ago.

Myth: You’re always guaranteed a courtesy car if you have an accident
Truth: Not true. These are normally subject to availability, and in most cases only offered if your car is repairable and taken to the insurer’s approved repairer

David Williams concludes, “Safety is our top priority for UK drivers and we hope that motorists will listen to our advice and realise the importance of taking out adequate insurance, especially when it comes to being covered to drive other people’s cars”.

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