GEM Warns Motorists to Hold on to Their Handle in the Wind

Posted on February 7th, 2014 by GEM Motoring Assist

With storm warnings set to continue over the weekend, award-winning breakdown cover and Road safety experts GEM Motoring Assist is warning drivers to take care when getting in and out of vehicles.

Sudden gusts and strong winds can literally snatch your door out of your hands causing accidents with oncoming vehicles, damage to closely parked cars, or worse still, injury to passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.

Extra caution should also be taken if motorists find themselves in the unfortunate situation of breaking down this weekend.

Inclement weather will always add to the misery of breaking down, and strong winds can add a lethal danger to anyone finding themselves in this unfortunate position.

David Williams, CEO of GEM said: “Prevention is key and we always urge drivers to maintain and check their vehicles regularly to help avoid mechanical problems catching them out. Of course knowing how to manage a breakdown situation and adjusting to the conditions is very important.”

David continues: “Different road and weather conditions can all add different hazards.  Flying debris and being physically blown over are just two examples of things that all add to the chaos that gale force winds bring, so we would urge exercising extreme caution for you and your passengers, especially young children, if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road this weekend.

He adds: “But as in any severe weather situation, the very best advice is to stay at home unless the journey is absolutely necessary.”

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