Happy Valentines Day

Posted on February 14th, 2012 by James Luckhurst

Happy Valentines DayI WONDER WHAT jaw-dropping headlines will grace the newspapers this Valentine’s Day. What will be revealed in the latest love surveys? What will we find out about our other halves? Do 46% of men really care about their cars more than their girlfriends? No doubt all will be revealed when the big day arrives.

A good excuse, I thought, to take a look at what has gone before. How’s this for starters? A road in Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire, has been named Britain’s most romantic street. Copse Hill Road bagged the prize in a Google Street View Award timed for Valentine’s Day. Front Street in Bamburgh, Northumberland and Edinburgh’s Royal Mile came second and third respectively in the vote for the most romantic street.

If you’re preparing to take a romantic trip away this coming Valentine’s Day, then pay heed to the findings of a survey detailing the best places to enjoy a drive. Italy’s Amalfi Coast is apparently home to the most romantic roads in Europe, followed by the Champagne region of France (see the Spring 2012 edition of Good Motoring for a review of this region by GEM Chief Executive David Williams) and the west coast of Scotland.

On a slightly less pleasant note, did you know that more than 30% of couples admit to “romantic road rage”? These motorists have taken to the wheel and driven aggressively after a heated row with their partner, according to a previous Valentine’s Day poll.  But worse is to come: as many as 8% of people in a relationship have had a crash following an argument with their partner. Based on responses from 1,183 who were in a relationship, the poll also revealed that 36% paid less attention to the road after a row. Also, 19% said they drove erratically following a lovers’ tiff.

I’ve had an idea of my own for a 2012 Valentine’s Day poll. Let’s vote for Britain’s most romantic car park. Or our most romantic roadside breakfast caravan. Or petrol station. Or tyre fitting centre. On second thoughts, let’s not bother. Instead, I shall pray that the CD player in my ageing Peugeot still works, allowing Mrs L and me to switch on Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you…’ at full volume as we head for Copse Hill Road. Didn’t I mention, this track was voted the most romantic song ever in a Valentine’s Day poll?