I’m saving all my love for… my car?

Posted on February 14th, 2011 by David Williams MBE

I’m saving all my love for… my car?

I’m just reading a press release from a chain of tyre fitting shops, claiming that nearly half of UK motorists found their cars more reliable than their partners. Yes, a staggering 48 per cent of car owners questioned would put more trust in their vehicle than their other half, citing ‘fewer breakdowns’ and ‘moans and groans’ from their cars. Furthermore, 40 per cent admitted they would prefer to go to a motor show or car related event than take their partner out to dinner and 45 per cent opted to buy an accessory or modification for their car instead of a present for their partner – if they were to fall into money.

Oh dear. I’m not liking what I read. But at least the statistics place these motorists firmly in the minority – though not the sort of minority we might have come to expect.  I wonder how these embittered motorists would react to the news from Mercedes in Tokyo, just a couple of weeks ago, that they were to produce a chocolate-themed version of their Smart car. Note chocolate-themed, not real chocolate! Apparently it’s traditional in Japan for women to give men a gift of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Japanese women are expected to buy Valentines presents for their husbands, male members of their families, their boyfriends, their bosses and their male colleagues. The men then repay the ladies’ choccy generosity with other gifts.

I’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day present for any motorist… Especially if they’re concerned, as the group above appear to be, by breakdowns. GEM Motoring Assist’s award-winning breakdown cover is the best value around and can give you complete peace of mind when you or a loved one are out on the road. And, because you’ll save so much compared with the ‘breakdown big boys’, you can buy all the chocolate your loved one can eat, and still be nicely in profit!

Roses are red
Violets are blue,
I’m safe with GEM…
And so, dear, are you!