Insight into: Buying Breakdown Cover

Posted on April 17th, 2013 by GEM Motoring Assist

With so many providers and major retailers to choose from, buying breakdown cover can be an overwhelming decision to make. However, road safety charity and award-winning breakdown cover company, GEM Motoring Assist offers its latest motoring advice in the form of the most important questions you need to ask before you buy.

Paula Williams, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “It is imperative that drivers understand the importance of having the correct breakdown cover to suit their needs, and there are a number of things for them to consider before they make a decision. There is a lot to be said for fully researching a company and the type of cover provided, especially as it is important to look at the benefits offered, as well as the items that are not covered.”

Key questions to ask a breakdown company:

  1. Does the policy only cover a specific car, or is it personal cover providing protection in any vehicle driven?
  2. What types of vehicle are covered? i.e. is there a vehicle age restriction, are caravans, trailers, motorcycles and vans included?
  3. Can I add my partner, or other family members to the policy?
  4. Does the policy allow for assistance at my home?
  5. Does the policy offer recovery to any destination, including my home, or just to a garage local to the breakdown?
  6. Am I covered for running out of fuel, punctures, or if my battery is flat?
  7. What happens to me and all my passengers if my vehicle breaks down and cannot be fixed at the roadside? Does the policy include alternative travel arrangements or overnight accommodation allowance?
  8. What other additional free services are included with the policy? such as a Technical Helpline or a Members’ Magazine?

GEM is also advising drivers to look beyond the headlines in adverts and on company websites. Reading up on customer experiences and testimonials is a valuable way of researching a provider, and can say a lot for the service they offer.

“The best testimonials are customer or reader awards, which are valuable indicators when it comes to customer service. For us, being voted winner or runner up in the past nine Auto Express Driver Power Surveys shows satisfaction direct from the customer, and this is extremely important to us. We urge motorists to take into account these types of testimonials so that they are fully aware of the service that companies offer,” Paula concludes.

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