Insurance discrimination

Posted on March 10th, 2011 by David Williams MBE

Insurance discriminationThe ruling by the European Court of Justice  that car insurance companies must not discriminate between males & females has got me thinking about another, and perhaps more important issue of discrimination – age.

I get very many complaints from GEM Motoring Assist members about how difficult it is to find companies to provide a quote for car insurance simply because they are ‘too old’.  At least young males and females, whether they have suffered discrimination or not are able to gain quotes for insurance.

For those reaching 75 and above this task is becoming very difficult indeed with a growing number of insurers putting an upper age limit on accepting new business.  The older drivers are being prevented from gaining the best insurance deal because companies simply don’t want them.

While it is true that claim levels for older drivers have been increasing surely the answer as, in the case of young drivers, is to increase the premium levels not to cast this group of customers aside completely.

The post war ‘baby boom’ has now created an ever increasing number of older drivers on the road and it puzzles me why more insurance companies are not coveting this growing customer base rather than discarding it.  Some insurance companies have set the ‘we don’t want you’ bar at age 75 and others at 80.  Even Equity, the insurance company preferred by GEM for so many years, has set the level at age 81.

There seems to be a real discriminating culture around getting old.  Car insurance, travel insurance, car hire, health insurance and many other services are being denied to a growing sector of our population .

GEM is doing all it can to change this culture but we need help .