Interview with jazz musician Kenny Ball

Posted on September 16th, 2011 by David Williams MBE

Interview with jazz musician Kenny BallIf like me you were born in the post war ‘baby boomer’ years you will undoubtedly remember musician Kenny Ball who, together with his ‘Jazz men’ had a number of hit records in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

His version of ‘Midnight in Moscow’ was and still is the only jazz recording to gain No 1 spot both in the UK and the USA.

Kenny Ball is still performing and giving much pleasure to jazz fans throughout the country but recently took time out to tell Good Motoring magazine his thoughts on driving and a car ownership over the past six decades.

Good Motoring magazine, the journal for members of GEM Motoring Assist, is a quarterly publication which contains a wide variety of motoring, safety and leisure articles with the motorist in mind.

First published as long ago as 1934 Good Motoring is much respected for its independent and interesting articles on the many aspects of driving and car ownership.

The new feature of ‘Stars in their Cars’ has already gained interesting features from TV personality Zoe Tyler and jazz musician Kenny Ball and future features will include former athlete Kris Acabussi, TV presenter Esther Ranzen, England’s former women’s Cricket Captain Dame Rachel Heyhoe-Flint and actor/comedian Roy Hudd.

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