Karl’s cold weather tyres: first month review

Posted on January 7th, 2013 by James Luckhurst

Karl’s cold weather tyres: first month reviewIt’s been a month since having a set of Dunlop SP Winter sport 4D tyres fitted to my 2008 Chrysler Sebring Diesel. In that time I’ve covered 1878 miles, which is a below average for me due to the holidays. My daily commute from Evesham in Worcestershire to Reading in Berkshire is a round trip of 180 miles. The route takes me on A and B roads through the Cotswolds to Swindon before a final 40-mile slog down the M4.

My initial thoughts immediately after fitting, at HiQ in Evesham, were that the pliable and aggressive tread design certainly looked and felt like I’d imagined a winter tyre should. I was worried however, that wear rates were going to be high and road noise would be a problem. Both of these worries were completely unfounded as road noise is, if anything, slightly better than the “normal” tyres these replaced. Also during the holidays, I took the opportunity to change the front brake pads and discs (Kevin from HiQ had warned me these needed doing) and I had a close look at both front tyres. There was no noticeable wear anywhere and the tyres still looked brand new. So if you reserve these for winter use only and do a couple of thousand miles over the winter these should last you for many years.

Thus far, the weather has been relatively mild with only a few mornings needing the ice scraper so the cold weather ability of these tyres is yet to be fully tested. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the wet weather handling of the car, especially in heavy rain where aquaplaning when hitting deep water has almost completely disappeared.
In a funny way I’m looking forward to some more severe winter weather so I can test them fully.