Kids Should Get Up And Glow Like The Ready Brek Ad

Posted on October 12th, 2009 by GEM Motoring Assist

If only Ready Brek really could make Kids ‘Glow in the Dark’ the roads would be a safer place in winter – says GEM

“Whilst the much loved breakfast cereal may give kids a nice warm feeling and set them up for the day, it’s a shame Ready brek doesn’t actually give them an orange glow on the outside, as it could be a life saver” said David Williams of road safety organisation, GEM Motoring Assist.

Concerned with the safety of all road users, GEM says that every school child would benefit from a fluorescent glow to keep them safe in the winter. “Brilliant fluorescent orange is the ideal colour for maximum visibility, and we believe a compulsory orange uniform, giving kids that ‘Ready brek glow’ would have an immensely positive impact on the safety of our children in the winter months, and will form a strong part of our ongoing ‘Keep British
Summer Time’ campaign” commented David

By way of backing up these thoughts, a poll carried out by GEM found that a staggering 86% of drivers said they worried about being able to see child pedestrians in the dark winter months. 9 out of 10 motorists said they felt parents did not do enough to ensure their child’s visibility and almost threequarters believed that fluorescent, reflective clothing should be compulsory on children walking to and from school.

GEM, says the Government reticence to keep British Summer Time all year long is causing deaths and hundreds of injuries to youngsters on their
way home from school on dark murky autumn and winter afternoons.

Chief Executive of GEM, David Williams, explained: “Bright orange tabards or over vests are very inexpensive items these days and make a real visibility difference. Parents and school staff should check they are worn over jumpers, blazers and coats when children and young adults set off on their way home after school or college,” Mr Williams continued: “It is a very dangerous time of day and at the very least they should be wearing reflective arm bands or shoulder belts. We know that young people today are very style conscious and may well resist the idea but it is a concept of personal safety we
are beginning to win with cycle helmets.”

The essential ‘orange glow’ is an element of GEM’s campaign to persuade the Government that clocks should not ‘fall back’ each October to ‘spring forward’ when the days get naturally longer. “We need days as bright as possible when children are walking home,” said David. “This is a simple way to save life and injury and totally logical.”

British Summer Time ends on October 25th this year. Until the government agrees to change the system, GEM says parents should think of the cereal advert and take every measure to make sure their kids ‘Get Up and Glow’ through the winter.

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research and assist with campaigns.

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