Lawfully Secure Your Bikes This Summer

Posted on June 1st, 2010 by GEM Motoring Assist

GEM warns: ‘Lawfully Secure Your Bikes This Summer

’With the days getting longer, and the weather feeling warmer, more and more of us will be embracing the government’s advice to ‘Get on your Bike’ and enjoy the great outdoors this summertime. Whether it is a day out in the countryside, a weekend bike ride or a week long biking holiday, cycling is a great way to keep fit and healthy and spend time with your family.

However, David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist warns there are some extremely important safety aspects that need to be taken into consideration. GEM is concerned with the safety of all road users and, this summer is campaigning for the proper use of bike racks on cars in partnership with MAXXRAXX, well renowned in the biking fraternity for its solid and reliable car bike racks.

David explains, “What many people often do not think about when using rear mounted car bike racks is that the bikes could easily restrict the view of your lights, which is potentially very dangerous. In addition, it is a legal requirement to ensure that number plates on both the front and back of a vehicle are clearly visible, so when using a bike rack, concealing the plate in any way is breaking the law. Using a light board is the perfect way to prevent these two problems arising, as the board includes both additional lights and registration plate and is placed in front of the bikes. Too many people get away with not adhering to the rules or are unaware and we are keen to stop this.”

David continues, “Drivers must also be prepared to invest in high quality and strong car bike racks to ensure there is no risk of their bikes falling from the car, hence our partnership with MAXXRAXX for this campaign. Not only may the bike be lost if this happens, but on a busy motorway or A road this could cause a very serious accident”.

Quick and simple to use, the MAXXRAXX can hold up to five bikes and be attached to a tow bar in a matter of minutes. The rack is made out of strong
structural steel, holding your bikes securely in place via individual cradles and a security steel cable with padlocks which ensure there is no damage to either your car or your bike. Most strap fixed bike racks usually rely on the bike resting on the paintwork of the car, but the MAXXRAXX uses the tow bar as
its divider. Versatile to your needs, the rack is fixed at a suitable height for loading and unloading your bikes, and allowing you to gain access into your
Max Burgess, from MAXXRAXX Trading Ltd, comments on the campaign, “Whilst we are committed to providing our customers with the best value and
quality products and services, we are also keen to champion the issues of safety surrounding car bike racks. We pride ourselves on offering safe, secure, simple, and strong car bike racks giving our customers peace of mind when transporting their bikes in any situation. It is important to everyone in the biking industry that equipment such as bike racks is used in the correct way and therefore we fully support what GEM is trying to do this summer”.

Visit Maxx Raxx for more information or call MAXXRAXX directly on  01342 841 989.