Motoring misbehaviour

Posted on September 24th, 2013 by GEM Motoring Assist

Tailgating and not indicating are the most despised driving habits among UK road users, but GEM says that the lack of punishment for motoring misdemeanours can be just as frustrating.

GEM Motoring Assist surveyed UK drivers to find out what irritates them most when it comes to other motorists’ bad habits, and the findings reveal that two out of three most hate being tailgated. While not indicating before turning came second in the worst driving practices, and a lack of proper motorway lane use was voted third worst.

Road-safety champions and award-winning breakdown cover company, GEM is concerned that these types of pet hates often go unpunished, and blames a lack in traffic police presence.

GEM’s CEO, David Williams MBE, comments: “Without enough traffic police officers addressing habits such as tailgating and not indicating, bad driving practice is seemingly starting to become more common.

“Even though minor motoring misbehaviour seems less serious than certain other driving offences, it can be as equally dangerous. Although it is the role of the traffic police to enforce punishments, it is up to us all as road users to ensure that we ourselves avoid poor driving practice.”

The top ten motoring misbehaviours:

1)    Vehicles driving too close behind your car

2)    Drivers not indicating before making a turn

3)    Drivers not practicing proper motorway lane use

4)    Other road users cutting in and reducing the gap between you and the vehicle in front

5)    Motorists driving well-below the applicable speed limit

6)    Lorries slowly overtaking other vehicles on motorways/ dual carriageways

7)    Drivers not thanking you for letting them through/ letting them pass

8)    Motorists not letting you in and preventing you from moving/ joining lanes

9)    Road users honking their horn at you if you change your mind about lane position or make a minor error

10)  Drivers taking the parking space that you had indicated towards