Motorway incident? Call 999

Posted on July 14th, 2015 by James Luckhurst

Motorway incident? Call 999

At GEM Motoring Assist we’re encouraging drivers to call 999 if they become involved in motorway incidents. The advice follows the recent tragic news that two people died in a Scottish motorway incident which was not investigated by police officers until three days after the initial call.

GEM chief executive David Williams MBE commented: “If you see an incident where help is required on the motorway, then making that call for help at the earliest opportunity could save lives.

“Unless we’ve actually been involved in a collision, there is no law in this country demanding that we stop. But our natural instinct usually means we want to help someone in difficulty, even if we lack the training or experience to offer a lot of assistance,” he said.

“We do not want anyone to stop on a motorway and risk making a situation worse. However, if you see something on or by the motorway that causes you concern, then you should alert the emergency services immediately by dialling 999. It’s worth mentioning at this point that you may use your mobile phone to call 999 in an emergency if it’s unsafe or impractical to stop.”

GEM has issued the following advice for drivers on motorway journeys:

• If you see a motorway incident where help is required, make a call to the emergency services immediately.
• Always put your own safety first, whether you’re driving, stationary or walking.
• Assist the emergency operator by knowing your location on a motorway. If you don’t use the roadside telephone to report an incident, be ready to tell an emergency operator the number of the motorway you’re on, the direction of travel and the approximate location.
• Check your precise location before you call, if you can. There are marker posts every 100 metres on each carriageway, with ‘driver location boards’ every 500 metres.
• If you see an incident on the opposite carriageway, never attempt to park and cross the motorway to offer help.

David Williams added: “These basic tips could help you stay safe while giving the best assistance to the emergency services.”
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