New Video To Fight Fatigue At The Wheel

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by GEM Motoring Assist

After the huge success of its Blue Light Aware video, which now has 71,000 views, GEM Motoring Assist, road safety organisation and the number one for breakdown cover in the UK*, is launching a new video advising drivers on how to avoid the dangers of fatigue. 


The three minute video has been specially created as part of GEM’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness of road safety issues throughout the UK. With research showing that drivers are most tired between 3am – 5am and also 2pm – 4pm, with an increase in fatigue-related crashes reported during these times, the video encourages drivers to recognise and avoid the dangers of fatigue.


David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “The time of day that you drive can be one of the biggest causes of fatigue and many may be unaware that the afternoon, rather than first thing in the morning, is when you will be most tired.  Even when you just want to get home, it is crucial you don’t rush the journey, as having a proper break could prevent an extremely dangerous or fatal situation. This is particularly important for professional drivers such as those covering long distances or doing shift work late at night.”


The video includes the following tips for long journeys:

  • Get plenty of rest before you set off
  • Avoid alcohol before any journey – even a small amount can make you more tired
  • Take regular and proper breaks – the Highway Code recommends a 15 minute break for every two hours of driving
  • Caffeinated drinks can help boost energy but, remember, they take 20 minutes to have an effect
  • Avoid heavy meals before and during journeys, especially at lunch time, as they can increase the feeling of fatigue
  • If you can, share long journeys with another driver – alternating driving and resting
  • If necessary, schedule an overnight stop for really long drives


David continues: “Even the slightest feeling of fatigue can impair your ability to concentrate and focus and, in some cases, can have fatal consequences when behind the wheel. We’ve created this video to encourage drivers to embark on long journeys only when they are at their most comfortable and prepared.”