Official – Motorists skimp on servicing

Posted on August 15th, 2011 by Rob Marshall

It is something that I have suspected for some time. The increasing number of cars that I have witnessed in everyday use with serious mechanical defects has made me wonder if the motor car is viewed by many people as a disposable white-good, bought to be abused until it drops.

While the typical refrigerator or television can be used until it breaks, it appears that some people think that the same should happen with a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, the consequences of a vehicle breaking down or, even worse, failing to stop, can be considerably more catastrophic.

In recent years, finding well-maintained entries in car auctions has become increasingly difficult as well, despite plenty of tatty vehicles with incomplete service histories being in plentiful supply. According to research that has been conducted on behalf of Manheim Auctions, this can be attributed to almost one fifth of motorists polled, who think that servicing their car is a ‘complete waste of money’, being dictated when it is affordable, rather than when recommended.

Official – Motorists skimp on servicingYet, skimping on servicing is false economy. Although a badly maintained car is likely to be less safe than an example that is serviced correctly, premature wear is more likely to take place that will affect the car’s value. Craig Mailey, Marketing Director at Manheim Auctions, argues that ignoring service intervals really is false economy.

“We see so many cars come through auction,” he stated, “and those that achieve the best prices consistently are also the vehicles that have been looked after properly, with a full service history and a good level of maintenance. It might seem like servicing is a waste of money but, in the long run, it really does pay off.”