Parts shortage continuing

Posted on August 17th, 2011 by Rob Marshall

By speaking to several garages recently, I have discovered that shortages of car spares is becoming an increasing challenge, especially when so many components  supplied to both car manufacturers and the aftermarket trade, are made many thousands of miles away from these shores.

The same issue is affecting car producers, Nissan and Toyota’s UK plants have been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck North East Japan in March and those effects are curtailing other Japanese car factories. Many of them have been forced to revise their manufacturing and profit targets, as their production lines grind to a halt due to the difficulty in sourcing components.

Yet, despite the UK being affected by a shortage of both cars and parts, the humanitarian issues remain far greater in Japan, even though the disaster has long slipped from British newspapers. Therefore, Subaru UK has embarked on an ambitious project to raise funds to help the most vulnerable in Japanese society. This is especially important, as it is estimated that the infrastructure will take between three and five years to restore. A 3,500-mile cycle relay started on the 1st August, which will pass through Subaru’s UK dealership network, with dealer staff and even customers participating.