Poor Economy Has Negative Impact On Car Maintenance Habits

Posted on May 16th, 2012 by GEM Motoring Assist

As petrol prices continue to soar and the economy shows no signs of improving, GEM Motoring Assist, road safety organisation the number one for breakdown cover in the UK, is warning UK motorists not to be tempted to cut corners when it comes to car maintenance.

With summer on its way and families planning UK ‘staycations’, it is more important than ever for drivers to continue to take care of their cars.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “Tighter budgets and rocketing fuel costs have had a negative impact on motorists’ car maintenance habits, as many see it as a low priority in these tough times.  Yet, what drivers don’t realise is, if a problem is discovered sooner rather than later, they could avoid serious damage to their vehicle which would end up costing a lot more.”

“With recent research showing that 20 per cent of new cars fail their first MOT, motorists simply cannot rely on modern vehicles.  Irregular car servicing and checks will undoubtedly make cars less reliable, and driving an unsafe vehicle puts drivers, passengers and other road users in unnecessary danger,” David continues.

Similarly, not having adequate breakdown cover could mean much greater expense in the case of a breakdown.

“We know that on top of higher petrol prices, road tax, insurance and MOT costs, breakdown cover can be viewed as the least important additional cost. Yet, once again, if drivers are willing to take risks with car maintenance then breakdown cover could prove essential. On-the-spot help in a breakdown situation, if motorists are not covered, is certainly not cheap,” David concludes.

GEM provides two levels of recovery service, Recovery Extra and Recovery Reclaim, to suit all needs and pockets.

For more information on GEM’s great value breakdown cover policies visit the brand new website – www.motoringassist.com.