Rain after the sun could cause havoc on the roads, warns GEM Motoring Assist

Posted on July 23rd, 2013 by GEM Motoring Assist

This week some of us have experienced the first summer storms of the year, giving rise to an important safety warning from award-winning breakdown cover company and road safety charity GEM Motoring Assist.

GEM CEO, David Williams MBE warns that rain on the roads after a long spell of hot and dry weather can create serious safety issues that we must all be aware of.

David comments: “Road users, especially motorcyclists, should be mindful of oil and rubber deposits that build up during long dry periods. These then become hazardous when rainfall churns up the residue, making it harder for tyres to grip the road surface. Therefore, motorists should increase the amount of time that they allow for braking, particularly when roads are at their most slippery.”

While the scorching temperatures continue and building storms threaten, GEM shares some top motoring tips as summer rolls on.

  1. While pollen counts continue to reflect high levels, motorists taking antihistamines should be mindful that some medication can cause drowsiness. It’s illegal to drive under the influence of drugs, whether prescribed or not, so check the effects of your medication with your doctor
  2. If planning a long journey, avoid travelling during the hottest time of day. Take lots of fluids to drink during the journey, salty snacks to replace lost minerals, and a cooler bag with damp cloths to help soothe hot heads
  3. When travelling long distances, make regular stops to rehydrate and rest. Driving in intense heat can affect your alertness and ability to concentrate
  4. Always make sure that your pets are well catered for on car journeys. Try to keep them as comfortable as possible, and store plenty of water on board for them
  5. Never leave animals or children in parked or locked cars, even for a very short while and even with the windows open
  6. After a long hot spell, before you set off in your vehicle, use a damp cloth to clean the windscreen wiper blades to remove any deposits that could smear the screen

don't motor on medsGEM has a wealth of motoring tips and advice on its website, including helpful leaflets such as ‘Don’t Motor on Meds’.