Remove data from your car

Posted on July 28th, 2015 by Rob Marshall


Don’t forget to remove personal data from your car

With satellite navigation, in-built car phones and a raft of multi-media functions becoming commonplace, and with many owners connecting to their vehicle’s interfaces using smartphones, the modern car has become a mobile data storage device. While this situation is set to worsen, as the ‘connected car’ develops, even I have bought cars recently, in which the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the previous owners’ contacts (including his/her own) remained stored within the on-board computer.

Being an honest type, I deleted all of the information but I would have been deeply concerned, had my personal data remained on my previous car, ready to be accessed by its new owner, or anyone else who cared to look. Therefore, should you be thinking of selling (or part exchanging) your vehicle, do not forget to delete such information from its systems, before you hand it over to a dealer, auction, or new owner. You may also wish to remove all of the retained data from the satellite navigation system as well.

Company car drivers, who tend to treat their cars as an extension to their offices, are at a particular risk of their data falling into the wrong hands, especially if they forget to erase the information and restore the multi-media systems to their default  settings, prior to their car being de-fleeted and replaced with a new one. Be careful out there!