Safety at risk by young drivers, who are ‘scared of garages’.

Posted on November 27th, 2018 by Rob Marshall

Safety at risk by young drivers, who are 'scared of garages'.

According to Co-Op insurance, a fifth of young drivers have delayed taking their car into a garage for repairs and/or maintenance.

Out of those that took part in the survey, just over 40% admitted that the cost of repairs was the biggest barrier, yet, almost 20% of them admitted not only that they felt intimidated but also that they did not understand what the mechanic was explaining to them.


How GEM Motoring Assist can help

A benefit of young drivers joining GEM Motoring Assist is that they have access to an impartial technical advice service, which accommodates one-to-one telephone conversations that can explain complicated technical jargon in everyday language.

Yet, it is not only the youngest drivers that can feel lost in tech terms. We find that more experienced drivers are left feeling baffled by the increasing pace of automotive technology, something that can be alleviated with a simple explanation.


Garage overpricing or looking after your best interests?

While, just like almost every profession, rogues must be avoided, honest garages can be accused unfairly of overcharging, or ‘ripping people off’. In many cases, such accusations are found to be baseless, when the technical complications of certain tasks are explained clearly and impartially.

For example, one repair shop can quote for replacing an auxiliary belt alone, while another garage will realise that the belt drive contains a number of ancillary components (such as pulleys and tensioners) that should be replaced at the same time. Naturally the latter task will cost more but, should these extra parts not be replaced, there is a risk of the new belt failing.

While GEM can help its members by providing such information, do not feel ashamed to ask your mechanic to elaborate, should you be unsure about what a repair task entails, and request that he justifies how this affects the invoice.

Many garages are happy to provide this information, if asked before you authorise the work.