Speeding teenager must retake driving test

Posted on April 30th, 2013 by James Luckhurst

Speed gun at 84A teenage motorist must take his driving test again again after a court found him guilty of speeding in North Wales. Caernarfon Magistrates Court heard how Kyle Johnson’s Citroen C2 was clocked by a speed measuring device at 84mph at Pant Glas, Caernarfon in March 2012. Andrew Perry, prosecuting, told the court the offence was captured by PC Brazel of North Wales Roads Policing Unit. As a result Johnson was reported for summons, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Johnson (19), of Anglesey, hired MAJ Law to run his defence and they challenged many aspects of the case. North Wales CPS contacted an expert witness who visited the scene, performed a speed check and took measurements, before preparing a report.

The expert witness also gave evidence at the trial alongside PC Brazel, who has now retired from North Wales Police.

The defence, brought in by MAJ Law, challenged the distance PC Brazel had estimated the C2 to have been checked at. When the prosecution case closed, the defence argued that there was no case to answer. The Magistrates decided there was. The defence called Johnson to give evidence but sent the expert witness without calling him.

Finding the defendant guilty, the Magistrates said they found the evidence of PC Brazel credible and reliable and that of the expert witness to be compelling. They further stated it was not credible that the C2 was travelling at 58mph as claimed by the defendant.

At the hearing on April 19, 2013 Johnson was fined £200, ordered to pay £400 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge. He was also awarded four penalty points which, coupled with three existing points on his licence, will revert him to learner driver status.