Stay safe on the roads, whatever you’re planning for Christmas

Posted on December 23rd, 2020 by James Luckhurst


Stay safe on the roads, whatever you’re planning for Christmas

GEM Motoring Assist is asking all drivers to make safety their priority on Christmas journeys. In particular, GEM says sticking to legal, safe speeds greatly reduces the risk of causing a collision and avoids subsequent unnecessary pressure in already overworked emergency service teams and NHS hospitals.


The call comes as new government figures show a rise in speeding during the first lockdown of 2020.


Statistics published by the Department of Transport for the first six months of 2020 show that 63 per cent of cars exceeded the limit on 30mph roads, compared with 56 per cent in 2019.


Additionally, there 53 per cent of cars exceeding motorway speed limits in free-flowing conditions at the same time, compared with 52 per cent in 2019.


GEM chief executive Neil Worth commented: “Christmas 2020 is going to be very different from the norm. However, ensuring you and your family are safe on the roads is even more important this year.


”That’s why we are urging anyone who expects to be on the road this Christmas – even for the shortest of road journeys – to ensure they don’t take any risks by speeding or driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.


“Make the best of a strange and no doubt restricted Christmas holiday, but above all keep safe on your road journeys.”


Safety tips for Christmas

GEM is offering safer driving tips for the 12 days of Christmas:


1 Keep your speeds legal and safe. By doing so, you will be greatly reducing the risk of causing a collision.


2 Don’t drive if you have had a drink. And don’t drink any alcohol if you need to drive.


3 Always wear your seatbelt. It’s the most effective way to save your life and reduce injuries if you’re involved in a crash.


4 Keep children safe through Christmas. Make sure their seatbelts and restraints are correctly fitted in the car – and always used. Ensure they’re easy to see if they’re walking.


5 Don’t drive tired. Fatigued drivers take longer to react to hazards. Take breaks on journeys. Share the driving.


6 Be ready to stay out of the driving seat if you’re using medicines that make you drowsy. You don’t have to be on illegal drugs to be unfit. Medicines can impair you too.


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