Take a look at CrashMap

Posted on October 19th, 2012 by James Luckhurst

Take a look at CrashMapFor a detailed look at the road traffic collisions that have occurred on roads in your area, consult crashmap.co.uk. The resource has just been updated with the latest crash data from the Department for Transport, making it cheap and easy to obtain access to official crash information.

CrashMap allows members of the public to find out information about road traffic crashes on national or local roads and is based on official Government data. The map tools are simple to use and allow users to filter crashes by year, severity, or the type of casualty involved. Four new filters allow you to show crashes which resulted in a child casualty, motorcycle casualty (including pillion riders), pedal cycle casualty or pedestrian casualty.

For example, by typing in a post code, you then consult a map with details of all recent crashes (dating back to 2005) in that area. I tried it with my own locale, and was quite shocked to see how many incidents had been reported in and around my village. At one particular junction (the A4 at hare Hatch), I was simply told ‘there are too many incidents at this location to display’. So I chose to view incidents only in the past year, and still found details of minor and serious collisions. The ‘free access’ version simply gives the date and exact location with number of vehicles involved and number of killed, seriously injured or slightly injured.

If you want a detailed report,then you have to register and pay 1.

Why, you might ask, would anyone want to spend time poring over crashes that have taken place? The answer is, I believe, that many of us have a keen interest in the safety of the area in which we live. My son will turn 17 next Spring, and my intention is to sit him down and show him this data, in the hope that he will remember it as he begins his career as a driver.