The best taxing excuses

Posted on July 29th, 2013 by Rob Marshall

VEDCompared to all the other motoring taxes, the VED disc is the most onerous purchase. Yet, should a DVLA reminder not be sent, lost in the post, et al, a tax disc could expire without you noticing. No matter how much you protest afterwards, you will not be saved from a fine.

Even though the DVLA promotes its digital service as impeccable, meaning that no excuse can ever be acceptable from mere mortals, the computerised software is not always blameless. I discovered this the hard way, when the system ‘lost’ the SORN declaration for one of my cars for a whole twelve months.

Still, showing that it has some sense of humour, the DVLA has released its ten most bizarre excuses that motorists have given for not holding a valid disc…

1.    My accountant told me that I am due a tax rebate, so I didn’t think that I needed to pay again this year.

2.    I was on my way to the Post Office, to tax the car, and called into the betting shop. There was a horse running at Doncaster called ‘Don’t Do It,’ so I bet on that with my car tax money instead. It lost.

3.    My mate said that, if the cost of the tax exceeds the car’s value, you do not have to pay it.

4.    I fell out of a tree, picking plums, and broke both of my arms.

5.    I took too much Viagra and could not leave the house.

6.    I had forgotten that the motorbike was in my garage, it was hidden behind the BBQ, so it is not my fault.

7.    I had ‘Man-Flu’ and could not go to the Post Office.

8.    I have been out of the country for four months and I forgot where I parked my car.

9.    My dog ate the reminder.

10. My reminder on my phone did not work, so it’s not my fault.