The Heritage Motor Centre is dead– long live the British Motor Museum!  

Posted on February 12th, 2016 by Rob Marshall



After five years of intense work and over £5 million of expenditure, GEM was given a preview of the new British Motor Museum, before its doors are flung open at 10am tomorrow morning. Complete with its new name, new exhibits and a new building, the site was inaugurated formally by self-confessed classic car and automotive manufacturing enthusiast, Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire (pictured left), earlier this afternoon.

Based in Gaydon, Warwickshire, and known previously as the Heritage Motor Centre, the museum’s rebranding to The British Motor Museum is a more accurate description of a location that hosts the biggest collection of historic British motor vehicles in the world.

Despite the main museum being revitalised with the makeover, the completion of a new Collections’ Centre building sees an additional 250 cars, from both the British Motor Heritage Industry Trust and the Jaguar Heritage Trust, being available for public viewing, instead of being locked away in storage. Visitors can also view the cars being worked upon, by being able to view the goings-on inside a brand-new workshop.

I have praised the former iteration of the British Motor Museum before, for not being solely a site for car bores (such as me!) The rebranding exercise, new exhibits and fun, educational exercises are building upon previous aims of making the attraction as relevant, accessible, varied and interesting for all ages, especially families with young children. Indeed, one the Museum’s main aims is to enthuse the next generation to become interested in not just motor cars but also engineering. I hope that the public approves of the changes and votes with its feet.

The British Motor Museum opens tomorrow at 10am. Special activities are being planned for the half-term break at no extra charge. Adult tickets are priced at £14, children £9 (5-16 years-old), under five’s are free. Concessions and reduced price family passes are available. For more information, visit