The new MOT Test is here

Posted on May 20th, 2018 by Rob Marshall

The new MOT Test is here

MOT test certificate

As mentioned in our previous blog on the subject, today is the day that drivers and technicians get familiar with the revised MOT.

The main difference is that new format ‘pass’ (pictured) or ‘fail’ certificates are issued. Behind the scenes, a host of changes govern how your car is examined. Some new instructions have been added and some previously testable items have been taken out of the MOT Inspection manual, the latest version of which can be viewed here.

As most of the changes have been introduced to bring our roadworthiness test in line with similar tests in Europe, failure to do so would have resulted in not only fines, but also British cars not being permitted on European roads. It will take testers a little time to familiarise themselves with the new system.

The DVSA, which is in charge of regulating the MOT scheme, has been consulting with both Vehicle Test Stations and examiners for some time, to iron-out any practical inconsistencies. Yet, should you wish to appeal against a tester’s decision, the DVSA has made it clear that it will side with the tester’s judgement, provided that the instructions in the MOT Inspection Manual have been followed.

Dangerous Defects

While it has always been illegal to drive a car on the road with a dangerous defect, the category tended to be used rarely. Now, faults that fall into the Dangerous Category are defined more clearly in the Test procedure, meaning that the existing law is being enforced more stringently. Should your car fail on a dangerous defect, it would be illegal to drive it away from the garage. You’ll have to get it repaired at the garage or towed elsewhere, potentially, with all four wheels raised from the ground.

This could threaten the future of Vehicle Testing Stations that do not carry out repairs, such as those that are operated by local authorities.

We would be interested to hear of any experiences you have of the MOT, while the new scheme is in its infancy – please do so via the Facebook comments.