Three Quarters Of British Drivers Are Now Prepared For Winter Compared To Just 25% Two Years Ago

Posted on January 24th, 2011 by GEM Motoring Assist

A recent survey carried out by one of the UK’s leading road safety and breakdown organisations GEM Motoring Assist has revealed that an impressive 73 per cent of motorists have taken positive action to prepare and equip their car for the hazardous winter months. It seems the harsh weather of the last couple of years has hit home to drivers that snow and icy conditions present a serious threat to driver safety.

David Williams MBE, Chief Executive of GEM Motoring Assist comments, “With many motorists getting caught out by the extreme weather conditions in January 2010 and the extensive national transport and airport chaos this winter, it seems an increasing number of drivers are much more aware of the problems they could be faced with, and have actually done something about it.”

A similar survey carried out by GEM in the winter of 2008 revealed exactly the opposite. A shocking three quarters of drivers admitted to not being prepared for winter driving with only a few carrying anything more than an ice scraper or can of de-icer. Plus useful items such as blankets, high energy foods, water and tow ropes featured on few priority lists.

David continues, “We are delighted to see that attitudes towards driving in wintry conditions are changing and that there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are taking additional precautions. Poor weather, decreased visibility and bad road conditions during winter not only increase the risk of accidents, but also contribute to a rise in breakdown situations, which in turn are more hazardous in dark and wintry conditions.

Statistically, the bad winter weather hits us in late January or early February; it is unusual for the UK to have had so much snow already, so we may not be out of it yet. It is important that people are aware of how vital it is to always have some basic items in their boot such as a torch, water, and even blankets just in case they do break down. A de-icer or scraper is only useful at the start of the journey not when you are waiting at the side of the road for help to arrive.”


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