Tic-Tock Don’t Mess With The Croc

Posted on March 19th, 2008 by GEM Motoring Assist

GEM Argues That the Scourge of Captain Hook had it Right

ROAD safety champions GEM Motoring Assist (GEM) says that as we move towards the end of March and the return to British Summer Time we should all learn a lesson from Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie’s famous pocket watch swallowing crocodile and once the clocks have ‘sprung forward’ one hour leave them alone.

GEM Motoring Assist Chief Executive David Williams said: “No one, least of all Captain Hook, tried to argue with the crocodile in this children’s masterpiece and alter the clock in his tummy, and we should follow that example after this spring change.
“Leaving the clocks at British Summer Time next autumn will save hundreds of young lives – children who enjoy the story of the boy who stayed for ever young – and it is our duty to keep faith with them.”He said that dark and gloomy winter evenings, when youngsters are returning home after a tiring
day at school, are among the most dangerous periods on the road.“ We have joined with other road safety organisations over many years and argued that
clocks should be left alone at the close of the year,” he said. “I think our argument, which is well proven by statistics, is at last winning favour and public opinion and that of Parliamentarians is with us.”

Mr Tim Yeo MP for South Suffolk is one of many members of Parliament who have argued for a move away from G.M.T. during the winter months not only to save lives but also to save energy and CO2 emissions.

GEM, formerly known as the Guild of Experienced Motorists, that works for the safety of all road users has a clock in its Sussex head quarters that is never altered and always registers BST. From the end of March and in memory of all the children who are killed or injured on our roads a copy of the classic Peter Pan will be placed in front of the clock turned to the page where Captain Hook trembles as he hears the fatal tick tock of the approaching croc.