Top Ten least reliable diesels (but do not be too discouraged)

Posted on March 22nd, 2018 by Rob Marshall

 Top Ten least reliable diesels (but do not be too discouraged)

While I am keen not to join-in too much with anti-diesel rhetoric, I see a causal link between the recent widespread bad-press and recent new car tax rises to a decline in new diesel car sales. Yet, used diesel transactions grew in the last quarter of 2017.

This is hardly unsurprising, because virtually no alternatives exist in the used car scene that can better diesel’s fuel economy, range and performance. Yet, diesels tend to be more complicated, compared to petrol and hybrid cars, and their sophisticated emissions-control technology makes them especially sensitive to poor maintenance, fuel quality and short journeys.

Unfortunately, a major component failure can wipe-out diesel fuel economy cost savings, compared to petrols, but this does not mean that all diesel vehicles are potential money pits. Take care to buy the right example, drive it appropriately and maintain it well. However, as the list below shows, which was compiled by a leading car warranty firm, diesels are up to three times more likely to go wrong but here are the worst models, taken from a sample of 30,000 policies of cars aged between three and eight years.

Top Ten last reliable diesels with average failure rate

 10.Audi – 26% MINI – 26% Vauxhall – 26%

  7. Mercedes-Benz – 27%

  6. Kia – 29%

  5. Mazda – 33% Saab – 33%

  3. Mitsubishi – 36%

  2. Land Rover – 41%

  1. Alfa Romeo – 47%

While second-hand Skoda diesels were found to have the most reliable diesel engines, it was interesting to discover that petrol Skodas (plus Audis, MINIs and Peugeots) were not as dependable as their diesel-fuelled equivalents. Maybe diesels are not that bad after all?