‘Use Subtlety Over Shock Tactics’, Says GEM

Posted on April 1st, 2010 by GEM Motoring Assist

Sussex based Road Safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist, are 100% behind a new ad campaign from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership about the importance of wearing a seatbelt, describing the minute and a half ad as ‘one of the most powerful and evocative road safety adverts ever seen.’ The dynamic silent advert, viewed by over 4 million people on YouTube, highlights the fundamental necessity of wearing a seatbelt whilst driving and despite the lack of vehicles crashing or scenes of trauma; it still has an immense impact on the viewer.

In the ad, viewers see a family of three in a role play situation, where the father is sitting in his living room driving. His wife and daughter are watching him when all three spot something out of shot that causes him to swerve. His family leap up off the sofa and clasp their hands around him forming a safety belt. Inevitably he crashes, however thanks to the seatbelt, he escapes unharmed. This moving piece of film certainly leaves a lasting impression!

To view the advert, visit the GEM website at //www.motoringassist.com/embracelife.

David Williams from GEM comments, ‘Putting on a seatbelt is the single most important thing you do when you get into a car and this message must be ingrained in all of us. However, I believe that it is not always shock tactics including graphic images of crash victims that has the most impact on the public. This ad demonstrates that often the more subtle the message and even using a happy ending can have a really great impact. I have worked in the field of road safety for over 35 years and seen hundreds of tragic and shocking adverts but this one, whilst simple, has to be the most powerful and evocative I have ever seen. It pulls on the heartstrings more than the fear factor and I believe this approach is really effective’.

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