Driving? Look out for others on the road

Posted on August 30th, 2016 by GEM Motoring Assist

Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and horses are all vulnerable road users and require a bit more courtesy and consideration to make sure that everyone stays safe on the road. In 2014 100 cyclists died and 3,237 were seriously injured on the roads whilst 365 motorcyclists died with 5,037 being seriously injured.

Drivers ever get stuck behind a cyclist on a road? How much space did you give them? When approaching a pedal cycle make sure you give them plenty of room in case they fall and you have to stop suddenly. Likewise when you overtake pass wide, giving them a cars width and make sure you don’t try to squeeze between them and oncoming vehicles.
When passing horses on the road make sure that you again pass them wide and slow, giving at least a cars width at no more than 15mph. Remember that horses can be unpredictable so watch for signals from the rider who will let you know when it’s safe to pass.

Cyclists: Ride defensively and make sure you can be seen by wearing high visibility clothing and a helmet to protect your head if the worst does happen. It’s great to use lights to help with your visibility and it’s a legal requirement at night, but make sure that your lights don’t flash as this is against the law as they could dazzle drivers, raising the chances of the crash you’re trying to avoid.

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