Driving near schools?

Posted on August 30th, 2016 by GEM Motoring Assist

There were 4,940 serious injury collisions and 409 fatalities involving pedestrians in 2014. As a driver you need to keep your eyes open for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users and anticipate what they may do, particularly in in the days when everybody seems to be glued to the screen of a smartphone. Make sure you keep your speed down and be prepared to stop if someone steps out in front of you. Near schools make sure you obey the rules be they temporary speed restrictions (indicated by flashing lights), school crossing patrols telling you to stop or not stopping on the zig-zags at school entrances. If you are taking your children to school make sure you walk with them on your inside furthest away from the road and if you have to drive make sure you give yourself plenty of time and park in a sensible place that isn’t going to cause an obstruction to other vehicles or to pedestrians trying to cross over.

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