Drugs, driving and the law

Posted on May 20th, 2015 by GEM Motoring Assist

The following video includes information on how certain prescription medicines and others can affect driving, and is aimed at a more mature audience.

This video is designed primarily for younger audiences, and focuses on illicit drugs. An additional resources sheet and a multiple-choice quiz connected with the video are available – see below.


We want to help maximise the impact of this new video on drugs, driving and the law. This short multiple-choice quiz is a good way of stimulating discussion and debate on the topics we have put across in the video. Each of the five questions contains one correct answer, as well as three wrong answers. First watch the video, then complete the quiz.

Quiz questions

Quiz answers

Further information

The following websites provide useful additional information.


The Government site with details of the new offence (which started on 2 March 2015 in England and Wales).


Exact figures for the number of road deaths and injuries caused by drivers who are impaired by drugs are not available. However, drug driving is a serious problem, that has persisted for many years and which leads to death and injury on our roads.


Many medical and illegal drugs have very serious negative effects on driving ability. In official government statistics, impairment by illegal or medical drugs was recorded as a contributory factor in at least 31 road deaths and 181 serious injuries in Britain in 2013.


Any amount of alcohol or drug taking, however small, will impair driving ability and you must fully understand more about the effects and consequences.


Road Safety GB is a national road safety organisation that includes representatives from groups across the UK, such as local government road safety teams.