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Chauffeuring for Wimbledon

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by Michael Carpenter

At the beginning of June 2009  I received a phone call from a former police colleague at  Mercedes UK at Milton Keynes. He asked me if I was free to do a fortnight’s work at Wimbledon driving Roger Federer in a Mercedes 500 S class, starting on 29th June. It’s not every day you get asked this, so I was definitely up for it.

Chauffeuring for Wimbledon

My daily journey was from home just outside Beaconsfield to Wimbledon. Like many tennis professionals, Roger rented a house in Wimbledon so that he was less than a mile from the courts. I had visions of countless trips to and from the courts but I needn’t have worried. These were catered for by fleets of Hertz cars & people carriers.

My role had not been previously defined and it became clear from the start that I would be providing a personal service away from the tennis courts , not only to Roger, but to his pregnant wife Mirka and members of his family. So during the fortnight, we had: a photo shoot for Nike at an industrial estate in Acton, haircuts at John Micheal, dinner at The Berkeley, and a visit to Bond Street to select the latest Rolex. (Rolex and Nike are the main sponsors for Roger).

During the fortnight, I found Roger, Mirka and his family a delight to chauffeur. They were always willing to talk to me and interested to hear my views. I omitted to say that I hoped Andy Murray would beat him! (Andy didn’t). On one occasion I bemoaned to Roger about the lack of lane discipline on our motorways. He was very quick to point out that in Switzerland you get fined on the spot if you don’t return to your lane after overtaking!

The S Class behaved impeccably – as you come to expect from these limousines – and with the black exterior and privacy glass, it looked every bit the accessory to a truly great tennis professional. Roger is no stranger to Mercedes – amongst his collection, he drives a CLS. He was interested in all the gismos the 500 had. One of the most useful was a fridge which accommodated bottles of chilled water. Needless to say, I was very reluctant to hand the car back.

Women should not be sold cheaper insurance policies

Posted on March 1st, 2011 by GEM Motoring Assist

So its official, there will no longer be an option for women to go to single sex insurance companies, but rather than bemoan about it, I think ‘so what?’

Today’s news has made me remember a hilarious experience a couple of years back. 

DrivingFollowing a little spate of ‘bumps’ some years previously, I was finally back up to my full no claims discount and decided it was time to have a hunt for a competitive insurance quote.   I called the famously female oriented and rather pink coloured car insurance company and went through the telephone application with them.  They came out with a cost for me to drive my car as the sole driver.  I then asked, if I could add my bloke onto the policy too, thinking the answer would probably be no – well they are a women’s insurance company after all.

To my surprise, they said of course, and we went back through my ‘better half’s’ driving history.  I was beginning to regret it, as he had had a small claim just two years previously.   Well, I nearly fell off my chair when they girl on the phone gave me a revised quote to include my partner actually came in at around £50 less than for me on my own.

So how does THAT work?

Actually, I am long past caring.  The best thing to do is shop around for the cheapest quote and in the immortal words of the pop song by Rhianna, we probably have no option than to “shut up and drive!”   Life’s just too short and ours obviously not to wonder why (thank you Alfred, Lord Tennyson).