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Pets In The Car

Posted on August 3rd, 2011 by David Williams MBE

With the hottest week of the summer upon us, it’s important to remember your pets’ needs as well as your own.  GEM is urging motorists to take special care of pets when travelling and make sure they are properly hydrated, cool and safely secured.

Pets In The CarAs UK holidays become increasingly popular, we expect to see even more animals being taken on long journeys. So this summer, to ensure your dog is cool throughout the journey, make sure they have enough air, water and space and do not leave them in the car alone for even a short period of time in hot weather, even with a window open.

GEM believes that safety of dogs in cars does not get the attention it deserves and that’s why the road safety company is also warning drivers about the dangers of driving with an unrestrained dog. As mentioned on Daybreak earlier this week, huge numbers of accidents are caused by dogs travelling in cars without proper harnesses.

Former Eastenders actor Todd Carty appeared on the show to talk about introducing laws making it compulsory for dogs to wear seat belts.

It may look sweet when you see man’s best friend sticking their head out the window, wind blowing back the ears, tongue lolling, nose up taking in all the smells, but the dangers are extremely high. An unrestrained average-sized dog weighing around 50lbs would be thrown forward with a force equivalent to almost nine 12 stone men if you were to have an impact, even when travelling just 30 miles an hour.  Not only could a single impact see your pooch injured, or even dead, the other human passengers are also at risk.

To avoid this horrible situation, there are several types of dog car safety belts and harnesses so you can travel safely with your hound.  If your dog already wears a harness type collar, then there is a simple safety belt that attaches to your dog’s harness and the car seat belt and costs around £7. A dog car seat harnes cost around £12 – £20 depending on the size of your dog, a small price to pay for their safety. So make sure you’re strapped in for a safe ride this summer and look after yourself and your four legged friend.

No excuse to be bored

Posted on August 1st, 2011 by James Luckhurst

No excuse to be boredAfter a nationwide search to find the country’s favourite family car games, car maker Saab has revealed ‘Backseat Face Snap’ as the winner. Submitted by Renée Smith and her family from Merseyside, the fun-filled game requires backseat passengers to decide on four facial expressions. The players then face each other and cover their faces, revealing their expressions and if they’re the same, they shout ‘Snap!’

Other games that came top in Saab’s competition to find the most fun and innovative games that can be played on the move include: I Like Bananas, Island Shipwreck, Traffic Bingo, a themed Alphabet Game and Guess Upon a Rainbow.

Saab launched the national campaign earlier this year to bring back quality family time when in the car. The campaign encouraged parents to look at more interactive ways of keeping their children entertained when travelling as a family.

So here’s how to play a few ultimate backseat car games:

Backseat Face Snap

Decide on four faces, such as happy, sad, pull tongues and funny face. Next, face your challenger and cover your face with both hands in front. Count together 1, 2, 3…the reveal!
Are you the same? Shout “SNAP!” or let’s try again!

I Like Bananas!

When you see a car, say “I like…” followed by something of that colour. For example, if you see a red car, shout “I like tomatoes!” or for a green car, you might say “I like apples!” Take it in turns as a family, and the winner of the round is the first to spot a yellow car and say “I like bananas!”. It’s simple and a great game for even the youngest of children.

Island Shipwreck

You and your group of passengers are stranded on an island with sea surrounding you and all you have are trees, plants, a fresh water stream and your beach wear.

When you come across a lorry on your journey, choose one item for your island. For example, if you see a supermarket lorry, you could choose a case of vegetables, or if you see a van with DIY on it, you could choose some tools to build a house. The idea is to write down all of the provisions you are collecting that you are going to need to survive on the island!

Want to make it harder or be more creative? You could choose items to create your very own paradise island or draw your island at the end of your journey. It’s amazing what lorries will pass you by!

Traffic Bingo Game

Give every passenger boards with small pictures or words on of things that you might find on your journey, such as speed limit signs, post boxes, and petrol stations (or perhaps you might want to make it harder with suggestions like windmills, cows and public telephones?). As you go along, tick off the boxes when you see the items on your board. The winner is the first one who has marked off the most boxes by the end of the journey.

Themed Alphabet Game

It’s simple! Pick a theme, such as countries, fruit, movie stars, football clubs – anything that comes to mind! Work your way through the alphabet, taking it in turns to name something that belongs to your chosen theme. Can you find a word for those tricky letters such as Q, X and Z? Give it a go and see!

Guess Upon a Rainbow

Give passengers a wipe-clean piece of card or board, which has all the colours of the rainbow on: red, yellow, pick, green, orange, purple and blue. It could be coloured spots, squares or lines or you could even create the board in the shape of a rainbow. You each have to spot something red on your journey that begins with R, then something yellow that begins with Y, something pink that begins with P and so on, working your way through the colours of the rainbow.

Once you’ve found items for every colour, to win, you must find something that has two of the colours of the rainbow on it. Want to make it more challenging? The item you find must begin with any letter of the word RAINBOW!